Blow your life, legs & dreams wide open.
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Imagine this…

You know what you want and how to get it. You’re connected to your magnificent body and epic intuition.

You’re sexually alive, creatively buzzing and ready to be the full expression of yourself every. single. day.

Your friends and family are blown away by your newfound power. You’re finally taking up space in the world being 100% you.

That’s what happened to me.

The biggest source of my power was invisible to me. Once I learned how to access it though, I became confident, turned on and unstoppable!

Today, I help women all over the world connect to their bodies, discover sexual and creative liberation and live life as their whole, expansive and vibrant selves.


Have you felt stuck? Not very sexual? Creatively blah?

Do you find it hard to be your full self? Or even know who your full self is?!

I’ve been there too. Once I realised this one thing though, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Here it goes…

In your body, you have an immense power source that’s masquerading as a weakness. I want to help you access it.

Using bold and simple tools, I can help you unlock your power centre so you can live a more expressive and vibrant life fuelled by pleasure and creativity.

That’s how I elevated my sex life, discovered a wild new career path and finally started feeling authentically and radically whole. 

It’s possible for you to be entirely you. To be wild and calm, loud and quiet, soft and strong. You are a magnificent and enigmatic force of nature. You are a woman.
— Lacey Haynes

It’s Simple (and mind blowing)…



Forget what you thought you knew about womanhood, femininity and sexual / creative power.

Let’s rewrite the story putting your body, your inner voice and your authentic expression at the centre.


It’s time to activate your body; reimagining turn on, arousal and sustained sensuality.

Learn simple, potent and easily actionable tools to embrace your body’s wisdom, claim your womanhood and utilise your sexual energy in newfound ways.



Dive deep into bold approaches to healing, exploring lineage and your personal narrative with sex & creativity.

Tap your intuitive powers, rewire your life for The New Feminine & claim your space in the world.

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Praise from past students

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WHOLE catapulted me onto this path of deep trust of my body

…after years of trauma associated with pregnancy losses, I was able to find home again in my body. Not only that but I tapped into a fierce and soft sensual fire that I often shame away from - and not initiated by being intimate with anyone else - just me. It starts with me and Lacey brought me home to this truth. -Amy Maybin, Yoga Teacher & Pregnancy Loss Guide

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Since the course I have written a collection of poetry

When I was driving, without even realising I was doing the Pussy Breath, I actually orgasmed in the car. Whilst just driving!! My husband is asking what’s happened to me.

Since the course I have actually written a collection of poetry that I’m self-publishing very soon. (…) Thank you so much!” -Maria Anderson, Mother of 3 & Therapist

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The aftermath is just mind blowing

Dear Lacey… so I have to tell you that the aftermath of whole is just mind blowing (…) It came drastically in my work life. And Lacey this is so huge that I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart. I got invited to Art Basel Miami to show my artwork. Finally I can be the strong powerful artist my Motherline ancestors always wanted to be but were never allowed to. WHOLE changed my life in such a drastic way as I allow myself to be radical and soft at the same time. Hannah Philomena Scheiber, Ceramic Artist & Single Mother

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There is nothing quite like WHOLE

WHOLE taught me to be patient and kind to myself, that things take time, especially our bodies. It also taught me a set of exercises I can apply so easily, which can make a real difference to my life. There is nothing quite like it WHOLE and I was soooooo hungry for this and the conversations we had with Lacey. It really feels that it is time in our world for this conversation to take place, we really need this space. I’d recommend this course to any woman who is curious because you will be delightfully surprised. - Blandine Bardeau, Artist & Workshop Facilitator

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I feel powerful, connected and feminine

(Since the course), I’m having epic connected sex and also grieving the times I ‘gave it away.’ Wow, so many times I wasn’t in my power. I feel powerful, connected and feminine now. (…) I feel more self love, more worthiness, more intimacy in my daily life and with others than I have in a long long time. -Jolene d'Entremont, EYT & Business Owner

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I had my first penetrative orgasm since falling pregnant with my daughter 2.5 years ago!

After guidance (from the course) I talked (…) with my partner and we then had sex and I had my first penetrative orgasm since falling pregnant with my daughter 2.5 years ago! It had been so long I thought I’d damaged something in childbirth and couldn’t do it anymore. I was able to focus on the sensations and pleasure and it was great. -Lisa Sheratt, Mother & Marketing Pro


Join my School of Whole Masterclass

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Meet your teacher, Lacey Haynes

HELLO! I’m Lacey. I’m the creator of School of Whole, a 12 month online adventure into who you are, why you’re here and how to become a powerful AF woman. I’ll help you turn your body onto pleasure and desire, heal the deep ’n dark stuff and become the person you most want to be.

I use an unconventional ‘n bold approach because the standard stuff won’t get you to where you want to be. I had one student say:

“While years of therapy, body works, yoga, meditation and various healing practices have been amazing and beneficial, School of Whole has brought me the missing key for going into the very depth of myself. I am a transformed woman because of this program.”

Fusing my background as an experienced yoga teacher and coach, international performer and feminist academic, with my gifts as an intuitive healer and hereditary seer (yup, I got that woo woo magic), I’ve created a groundbreaking program for women who want power, pleasure and a life devoted to being 100% whole.

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More About Me

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I sold out my signature Pussy Gazing workshop 5 x in 2018 in London and Berlin. 


I inspired millions worldwide to rethink their relationship to pregnancy and birth when my free birth story went viral in 2017 making international headlines. 

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My classes on DoYouYoga exploring feminine qualities of embodiment and slowing down have been taken by tens of thousands of people.

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Events & 1-on-1 Bookings

My signature Pussy Gazing workshop takes me all over the world. I also speak at conferences and festivals and offer 1-on-1 guidance. Want my help?

”I feel more available and open to express what I want when it comes sex. I had an orgasm from penetrative sex with a man I have a real connection with which I have never had before!” - Tilly

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“I’m still trying to make sense of everything that happened today. (…) Is there any way you would describe what I experienced? I almost feel like it was an ‘awakening’ or ‘initiation’ in some way into a very deep part of me that I’ve never really accessed before.

Thank you so much once again for holding the space for me to explore everything that arose. I felt so safe and held.” -Ashleigh

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Elevate Yourself, Elevate the World

When you commit to being 100% you, you grant those around you permission and power to do the same. When you invest in yourself through our work, you create another level of transformation in the world, directly impacting someone in need.

For our first humanitarian project of 2019, we will fund one year of education for a girl in Rajasthan, India via Karma Collab.

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Let’s connect! Instagram @verylacey, 11.8K Followers