Lacey Haynes

Lacey's work focuses on the revolutionary and often untapped power of The Creative Feminine. She believes in the potentiality of the womb and pussy to both harness new life and create epic art.

As a long-time yoga teacher, spiritual guide and movement practitioner, her approach to sexual and creative liberation stems from her understanding of both the energetic and physical body. Through a variety of modalities and approaches, she helps women become more confident, powerful, playful and sensual while releasing societal conditioning, healing blockages and past trauma while releasing addictive tendencies.

Lacey infuses humour and happiness into her work, mindful of maintaining an approach that is both deep and light simultaneously. From conscious conception to healing addiction, epic sex to sensual living, elevating pregnancy to ancestral healing, radical birth to full-blown creative living, she brings women into communion with the The Creative Feminine within, birthing them into more elevated, wild and soulful lives.

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Featured on

The Guardian, BBC World News, BBC Radio 5, Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC, The Huffington Post, The Free Birth Society Podcast, DoYouYoga, Hello May, IMAGE Magazine.