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igniting the creative feminine. total pussy power. hello epic you.

It’s time for you to step into the fullness of who you are.

You’ve spent long enough not living at 100% of your potential, holding back parts of yourself for fear of ridicule or being labelled “too much.”

The truth is: your power is located deep within, in a place you’ve never thought to look.

It’s been dormant for a long time now, so long that even the women before you — your mother and grandmother — didn’t know how to access it.

There’s a remembering happening now though, a waking up, and you’re part of it. Women are sensing a rising within: a well of power that’s inherently connected to sexuality and the female body.

The parts of women that have been historically shamed and repressed are proving to be treasure troves of the deepest wisdom.

Women are waking up every day to their innate power and you’re part of this expansion.

It’s time for you to stop playing small and to stop feeling disconnected from your sexuality and femininity. It’s time for you to become the full expression of who you are.

It’s time for you to lead the way in this reclamation of feminine wisdom and wild pussy power.


Here’s how it’s going to go

I want to help you bring the fullness of yourself to the world. I want you to feel confident and ready to be all parts of who you are.

I want you to stop editing yourself down, being a lesser version of who you are in order to fit in or please others.

I want you to be the WHOLE YOU: sensual and strong, vulnerable and wise, intuitive and feminine, emotional and embodied — I want you to be clear and sexual and so totally aligned with the depths of your soul’s purpose.

I want you to integrate your sexual power into the centre of yourself and to understand how your sexuality is in fact a superpower and not a liability. I want you to feel passionate and worthy of all you desire.

I want you to be a womanly powerhouse of creativity, transforming those who are lucky enough to bare witness to your dynamic and dimensional splendour.

There’s no more need for analysing and thinking about what might be best or what ought to be done: now is the time to listen within and experience your truth emanating from the centre of who you are. It’s time for you to be the woman you’re meant to be.

What we can do together

  • Boost your sexual desire

  • Integrate a feeling of turn-on into your whole life

  • Introduce you to your pussy and womb’s potential for pleasure and creativity

  • Heal ancestral and motherline trauma

  • Redefine your fertility

  • Restore full sensation to your pussy

  • Prepare you for pregnancy, birth and motherhood

  • Learn to access and live from your womb’s wisdom

  • Introduce you to the power of your womanly cycle

  • Integrate the 3 C’s to help you uncover your soul’s purpose

  • Learn tools for living an embodied and sensual life

  • Navigate addiction and dysfunctions of the sacral chakra

  • Activate the “Sacred Triangle” for full feminine living

  • Birth you into a new chapter of your life

I help women step into their full selves — to bridge the divide that says they ought to be one way or another. I help women find the power to be exactly who they are. I help women become WHOLE.


What women are saying

“I’m still trying to make sense of everything that happened today. Is there any way you would describe what I experienced? I almost feel like it was an ‘awakening’ or ‘initiation’ in some way into a very deep part of me that I’ve never really accessed before. Thank you so much once again for holding the space for me to explore everything that arose. I felt so safe and held.” -Ashleigh

“I feel more available and open to express what I want when it comes sex. I also had an orgasm from penetrative sex with a man I have a real connection with - which I have never had before!” - Tilly

“I am still feeling the wonderful energy from yesterday and not only do I feel it but people around me have noticed! I was asked if I'd been to a beauty farm! And the answer is yes! A beauty farm for the soul!” - Chrissy

“I worked with Lacey during a particularly peculiar point in my life. I was moving forward at full throttle, yet some fuzzy elements from my past were dragging me down and causing discomfort in my practice, my relationships and my life in general. Lacey’s role was a really unique combination of teacher, healer and general space holder. I laughed (a lot), cried (a little) and ultimately healed the pesky problem thanks to Lacey.” -Julie

“I find every session with Lacey is very personal and different. She gives me the strength to face what’s troubling me. I always feel so grounded and in control of my life after a session. I suffer from extreme anxiety at times and Lacey can always help centre me and help me connect back to my true self.” -Tanika

“Words can’t quite express how grateful I am to you, really from the bottom of my pussy and womb, thank you” -Blandine

“Lacey has helped me embrace my parenting choices and to fully appreciate how amazing it is to be a woman and a mother!” -Lisa

“Lacey is authentic, open, and vulnerable. Willing to address any topic that you need her to. Her teachings are easy to understand. She gives you a lot of practical and realistic ways to incorporate what you are learning. She doesn't just give you theory and leave you to figure out how to implement on your own. She gives you daily practices to bring alive the material you are learning.” - Ashley

“Oh my. Feeling so grateful. So open. So vulnerable. Having epic connected sex and also grieving the times I ‘gave it away.’ Wow. so many times I wasn’t in my power. I feel powerful, connected and feminine now.” -Jo

Lacey Haynes Work With Me

Why choose me to guide you?

I’ve been on this path myself for a very long time. I’ve navigated my own relationship to sexuality, femininity, pleasure and creativity and stepped again and again into the centre of my power. I am connected to Pussy, dedicated to Womb and practicing every.single.day. how to be the full expression of myself.

Not only have I done the work personally, but I’ve also studied and trained across a variety of modalities. I’m inherently epic at holding space and can often see straight into the centre of what’s holding a woman back. I merge clear and direct communication with a soulful and no-bullshit approach, tapping directly into spirit while creating tangible results.


  • Yoga Lifestyle Coach certification

  • Conscious Birth Coach certification

  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

  • English Literature & Gender and Women’s Studies BA

Plus (this is the stuff that actually matters)

  • I have 15 years personal experience exploring spiritual and embodied practices

  • I was taught by my mother at a young age how to feel and work with energetic fields

  • I navigated a pregnancy outside the system and free birthed my first child (ie: harnessed deep internal power, connected to intuition and faced huge fears like a mo-fo)

  • I’m in an elevated marriage where sex, communication and masculine / feminine polarity are explored on the daily

  • I’ve explored my creativity like whoa: been naked on stage doing performance art, done stand-up comedy, made menstrual art, sang in a 90s cover band (ie - I’m dedicated to creating, having fun and not giving shit!)

The logistics

All sessions happen online via FaceTime or Skype
Sessions are 60 minutes
You can buy a one-off session or a package of 4

60 minutes for £65
4 x 60 sessions £240 *recommended if you want to really get into the big stuff

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