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I'm interested in FULL BLOWN SEXUAL & CREATIVE LIBERATION! Most women are living below their potential, carrying blockages or trauma in their creative centre (the sacral chakra). This leads to congested creativity, sexual repression, not feeling turned on, addiction, as well as issues with conception, pregnancy and birth.

Through a variety of modalities, I help women uncover, understand, explore and begin healing blockages in the sacred triangle ▽ (pussy and womb) so that they can live more creative, sensual, sexual and powerful lives. 

From conscious conception to healing addiction, elevating pregnancy to ancestral healing, radical birth to full blown creative living, these sessions have the power to illuminate and transform what it truly means to be a WOMBan. 

Sessions take place via Skype or FaceTime.
In-person sessions available in London.

60 minutes - £65
90 minutes - £85

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