f o r C O U P L E S


An online workshop and eight week supported journey to amplify your intimacy, supercharge your sex and slingshot you into a new dimension of pleasure, connection and love in your relationship.


Whether you’re long-time partners or new lovers, this workshop will elevate your intimate life, encouraging deeper trust, a more soulful-connection and a better understanding of each person’s needs and desires.

With 2 live components and 6 weeks of homework, you’ll be guided on an 8 week journey to enrich, transform and strengthen your relationship - in and out of the bedroom.

Using simple ‘n potent tools, you’ll step outside your comfort zone, taking your relationship deeper and wider than ever before. Prepare to heal, thrive and claim your sexual power.



  • SEX ELEVATED is an online workshop and supported journey for couples

  • It kicks off with a two hour interactive LIVE session hosted by Lacey & Flynn teaching tools, practices and a bit of theory

  • After the workshop, homework will be assigned via email (video content & pdfs) for 6 weeks in the form of active practices and reflection work to promote integrated learning and deep transformation

  • At week 5, there will be a one hour LIVE group coaching session where you can ask questions, share experiences and hear from others

  • The course will wrap with a ceremony assignment for each couple to undertake on their own

  • The approximate time investment is 10 hours over the course of two months

  • You will have unlimited access to all material and recordings so that you can catch up if you fall behind or explore the lessons and practices again

  • SEX ELEVATED is an exclusive offering, designed for maximum potency and interaction, with space for just ten couples


“I’ve learned so much about love, true partnership and how to keep a longterm relationship thriving from these two. They’ve been my #couplegoals for many years!”-Claire


W H A T W E ‘ L L C O V E R

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WEEK 1 | Sex Elevated
Live interactive 2 hour workshop

WEEK 2 | Intimacy
Anchor in yourself, awaken your body and discover the secrets to a more soulful relationship and elevated sex life.

WEEK 3 | Courtship
Learn the true nature of turn on and discover sustained arousal, beyond the honeymoon phase.

WEEK 4 | Pleasure Over Orgasm
Enliven your senses and transform your sex life for more presence, connection, healing and bliss.

WEEK 5 | Going Deeper
Live group Q&A

WEEK 6 | Devotion
Bow down to yourself and your lover, discovering new ways to show love, hold space and stay connected on the daily.

WEEK 7 | Electric Love
Let go of the past and open your heart to the future with this simple ceremony to take you higher, deeper and wider in your relationship.

WEEK 8 | Reflection
Reflect on what you’ve learned, where you’re going and who you want to be on this epic journey of love and life.


F O R C O U P L E S W H O . . .

  • Want to go deeper and wider than ever before

  • Feel sexually disconnected and are ready to heal

  • Are experiencing sexual tension, where one person wants sex but the other doesn’t

  • Experience little to no turn-on or sexual desire

  • Are ready to make sex a priority in their relationship

  • Have sex often (epic sex!) but want to take their love-making to the next level (think unicorns riding rainbows across the ocean)

  • Haven’t had sex in ages (we see you and you’re not alone)

  • Recognise there’s room for more authentic pleasure and connection in their love life

  • Are ready to balance the masculine & feminine, giving both partners what they need and desire

  • Have gotten so caught up in life they’ve lost sight of one another and want to rekindle their connection

  • Want to experience more love, intimacy and play on the daily

  • Want to heal personal sexual issues in order to enrich the relationship



Please note, this is an exclusive offering with space for just 10 couples per workshop


Saturday, 26 October 2019 10:00-12:00 (London Time)

Saturday, 23 November 2019 20:00-22:00 (London Time)

Saturday, 18 January 2020 10:00-12:00 (London Time)

Saturday, 15 February 2020 20:00-22:00 (London Time)



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Lacey Haynes is a British Canadian multi-disciplinary creative, educator and visionary. She is the founder of School of Whole, creator of Pussy Gazing™ and has guided dozens of online classes taken by tens of thousands of people worldwide.

She is a certified yoga teacher, yoga lifestyle coach, conscious birth coach and has a degree in English Literature & Gender and Women’s Studies.

Lacey teaches women to connect to their bodies by accessing the power of the womb and pussy for sexual and creative liberation and full power living. She is an intuitive healer and seer, skilled with holding space for processing trauma and guiding women through ancestral healing practices.

Lacey is passionate about singing, conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, as well as elevating both the masculine and feminine to promote healthier relationships — with ourselves, one another and the planet.


Flynn Talbot is an Australian light artist and designer turned music producer living in the English countryside. Flynn’s work has seen him exhibiting across the world in Seoul, Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Perth and Sydney with major installations at the Victoria Albert Museum and Somerset House.

Recently, Flynn has embarked on a year of self-discovery and creative explorations, pivoting the direction of his career and the way he lives his day-to-day life.

Flynn has been a student of yoga, meditation and conscious living for the past 8 years, most recently focusing on abundant mindset shifts, conscious marriage and parenting and soulful sexuality.

He’s passionate about embodying and sharing healthy masculinity and teaching men how to step into their strength and leadership while better supporting their women. He assisted Lacey in the freebirth of their first child and continues daily to deepen his understanding of how to support both women and men on their journeys into full power living.




“Sex Elevated was really powerful. It was amazing to be able to include my partner in a class to experience and learn for himself the sorts of things I have been trying to talk to him about. And I think the fact the Flynn was there really gave him something / someone to relate to and made it very real and relevant. This really helped him take it seriously and dive in. We already feel a deeper connection and are excited to explore further. It’s amazing to have more inspiring male role models.” - Rochelle, Sex Elevated student

“A perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. So important to have both a man and woman sharing this work together. We loved it.” -Will, Sex Elevated student

“Your workshop was amazing.” -Tom, Sex Elevated student

“I was struggling to support my wife emotionally after the birth of our second child. I didn’t know how to show up and hold her through the vulnerable postpartum phase. After a conversation with Flynn and Lacey, I saw things more clearly and was able to step into my role as a man and father, supporting my wife and family the way I wanted but didn’t know how.” -Joseph, friend

“(Since the course), I’m having epic connected sex and also grieving the times I ‘gave it away.’ Wow, so many times I wasn’t in my power. I feel powerful, connected and feminine now. (…) I feel more self love, more worthiness, more intimacy in my daily life and with others than I have in a long long time.” -Jolene, School of Whole student

“After guidance (from the course) I talked (…) with my partner and we then had sex and I had my first penetrative orgasm since falling pregnant with my daughter 2.5 years ago! It had been so long I thought I’d damaged something in childbirth and couldn’t do it anymore. I was able to focus on the sensations and pleasure and it was great.” -Lisa, School of Whole Student

“I think this course has been amazing. It has really lifted my wife’s spirit in all aspects, and has given us both a lot of new energy to explore our sexuality together.” -Mr. K, husband of student in School of Whole




How much does the workshop cost?
£297 GBP (roughly $370 USD). The workshop is charged in pounds which will convert to your local currency on your bank’s end. Contact your bank if you have questions about conversion rates or transaction fees.

Is this for couples only?
Yes! You can be newly dating or longtime partners, but in order to do the work to it’s full potential, two people are required to fully participate.

Can I get a refund?
Full refunds will be given up to 30 days before the workshop begins. After that, no refunds will be granted.

What kind of things will we be asked to do?
The workshop will have two live components and 6 instalments of homework delivered via email weekly. You will be asked to explore the material in a variety of ways: through written reflection, embodied exercises (including but not limited to: breathing, movement, self-touch, partner touch, etc.) discussion and contemplation. The workshop is focused on sex so guidance around love-making will be given.

How many couples will be in each workshop?
The workshop will be kept intimate so that there’s time and space to explore individual needs and desires. Each workshop will have space for 10 couples (20 people) plus the 2 hosts.

I’m in Australia, America, Canada, Europe (anywhere else in the world!), can I participate?
Yes! The live sessions will take place at the assigned London time. Use the Time Difference Calculator to find out what time the sessions are at in your time zone.

When will the live Q&A be?
The Q&A will be at week 5 of the guided journey (except for the November workshop start date as we’ll be changing the delivery schedule slightly to accommodate the holidays). You will receive all logistical info before your workshop kicks off.

What happens if we miss a week or fall behind?
You’ll be encouraged to keep with the flow of the program and stay on task. That being said, life happens! You will have unlimited access to all material and recordings so that you can catch up if you fall behind or explore the lessons and practices again.

Is this suitable for queer couples?
Yes! However you identify and whatever identification your consensual relationship takes, you are welcome in SEX ELEVATED. Masculine / Feminine language will be used to discuss energetic polarity but this isn’t contingent on biology or gender identification. This is an inclusive workshop where all people are welcome.