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Lacey Haynes Pussy Gazing
What I saw was truly beautiful. How had I ignored her power for so long?
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Holy hell, welcome to the best kept secret on planet Earth. I’m so glad you’re here. Before you read any further, be warned: the workshop I’m about to offer you (for free) is bold, wild and totally unconventional. And it has the power to blow every aspect of your life wide open.

Here it goes…

Welcome to Pussy Gazing™

Yup, you read that right!

Between your legs is an untapped world of power and pleasure. I know, you’ve probably grown up with a sense of shame and discomfort surrounding your womanhood. Hell, you probably don’t even have a word for the space between your legs that actually makes you sit up and hold your head high.

I felt incredibly at ease, weirdly normal and relaxed. This practice reminds me how to receive, surrender and soften into my full spectrum femininity.

But what if I told in just 60 minutes we could change all that? What if I told you that by connecting to your womanhood (your vagina, your pussy, your who-HA, your down-there’s) you could unlock epic confidence, clarity and a deeper understanding of who the heck you are?

I know, it’s a pretty big claim. And it’s kind of a weird one, #amiright? Looking between your legs with a mirror — how could that be transformative?

But that’s what happened to me. Pussy Gazing helped me have the birth of my dreams, the best sex of my life, transformed my career and made me finally feel 100% whole. And it’s helped the 100s of women I’ve taught around the world in countless ways, too.

Now, (this part is exciting): I want to share Pussy Gazing with you — for free!

I learned that I was holding a lot of shame & sadness in me. I’m ready to heal now.
Lacey Haynes Pussy Gazing Workshop

More about Pussy Gazing™

What is Pussy Gazing? 

Pussy Gazing is the act of looking between your legs with a mirror. Through the act of witnessing the body, attention is drawn down into this power centre, promoting deep healing, connection to feminine essence and increased libido. Past students have said that Pussy Gazing helped them heal from sexual trauma, increase sensitivity in their genitals, become orgasmic, feel more beautiful and boost creative expression.

Why Pussy Gaze? 

Pussies are powerful! They are a woman's creative gateway, the pleasure centre and the physical representation of a woman's WOMBanhood. For most women though, the power of the pussy is often untapped. Through culture and lineage, most women have developed a disconnect from their pussies, manifesting in daily life as creative and sexual blockages, lack of confidence, suppressed sensuality and sexuality, body shame, addiction and lack of vitality. Pussy Gazing is a way to bear witness to this physical part of your body, sparking an emotional and spiritual journey of healing. You'll be amazed what can come through by simply looking at yourself.

Lacey Haynes Pussy Gazing Workshop

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is for women with pussies. Some people have a spiritual pussy but not a physical pussy. Please be in touch if you have questions or concerns about inclusivity.

What kind of people Pussy Gaze? 

Usually women who are already on a spiritual journey are drawn to this practice. Yogis and soul-seekers, health and wellness professionals, as well as spiritual teachers and aspirants. That being said, all women at any stage of life, from any background, are welcome to gaze. 

Why the word Pussy?

Choosing a powerful and charged word to define the centre of a woman’s sexuality, pleasure and creative potential is important. Most words used to describe a woman’s genitals have been appropriated by a patriarchal over-culture and made derogatory. Pussy doesn’t have to become your word of choice, but this workshop will encourage you to pick a word to define your womanhood that empowers and elevates your relationship to your body, femininity, pleasure, sex and what it is to be a woman.

I saw pain, shame & hate drifting away with ease and grace.

Meet your teacher, Lacey Haynes

Lacey is the founder of School of Whole, a radical online program for feminine empowerment and radical self development. She's been featured on BBC World News, The Guardian, Red Magazine, Metro UK, BBC Radio and more.

Since 2011, she's been teaching women how to be in their bodies, how to express themselves and how to expand into the fullest, boldest — and most importantly, truest — version of themselves.

In 2018 she launched her signature Pussy Gazing workshop selling out 5 times in London and Berlin. In 2017, she inspired millions worldwide to rethink their relationship to pregnancy and birth when her free birth story went viral making international headlines. Her classes on DoYouYoga exploring feminine qualities of embodiment and slowing down have been taken by tens of thousands of people.

Fusing her diverse background as an experienced yoga teacher, international performer and feminist academic, with her gifts as an intuitive healer, she's created a holistic system for healing and change to benefit women ready for radical transformation

Lacey Haynes

More Testimonials

“Pussy Gazing came just at the perfect time for me. I’ve somehow managed to get to a place where I have never felt better in my body. I have been singing your praises (not just appropriately saying this to blow smoke ), I really have because I think it's such an incredible experience and one I feel SO lucky to have had the opportunity to have.

This workshop made me see my body and my sexual self in a very different way. I realised I was carrying around an unbelievable amount of shame and embarrassment when it came to sex. I feel more available and open to express what I want now.

I think what you do is incredible. I love how honest and real it is. I'm bored of existing in a world where people hold up fake fronts and am constantly seeking out what is true. This workshop has allowed me to delve deeper into what I want and gain a better understanding of myself which ultimately is all we have.” -T.S

How exciting to feel liberated looking at my vagina. Something I never thought I’d find myself doing. Very empowering.
Pussy Gazing Mirrors

“Dear Lacey,

I had to write down what happened for me last night while it is still fresh and raw!

Wow, did I learn and embody a lot. After staring into my own eyes in a beautiful vintage tortoise shell mirror, transfixed by my still gaze, I moved the mirror slowly down and opened my legs. It was dark under the blanket so I pulled it down to let the light in.

What I saw was truly beautiful. The delicate soft lines of my pussy, the folds, how pretty and together she was after birthing an 11 pound baby only three months ago. The longer I looked the more of a story was being told. She is so powerful. She is so wise. She is so humble. She is so creative. She is beauty. I saw in her my sacred feminine power, how could I go forward with anything other than awe, wonder and ultimate respect? How had I ignored her power for so long? I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

After looking into her for so long, hypnotised by her, she became an ancient face, alive and breathing, telling my soul stories.

I was just breath-taken by her. I feel myself embodying her, integrating her into my Self, embracing her sacred wisdom and learning from it, asking her questions and listening to her answers. She is the seat of creation, she creates, gives and guides life. How could I do anything but revere her.” -A.S.

I was so surprised that I actually never have seen my ‘pussy’ before. It was beautiful to finally meet.