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The Creative Feminine Day Workshop ▽ London, UK hosted by Secret Yoga Club

  • East London United Kingdom (map)
The Creative Feminine with Lacey Haynes

There’s an epic awakening happening right now. Women are remembering who they are beyond what modern society and contemporary lineage has taught them. There is an innate internal power owned by the feminine, made up of sexuality and creativity, and it’s longing to be expressed so that each woman can be 100% who she is.

This isn’t about a matriarchy. This isn’t about women usurping men. This isn’t even binary. This is instead about the carriers of feminine essence and feminine power remembering their strength and sharing it with the world, bringing all of humanity back into alignment. This is the Creative Feminine.

In this one day retreat, closing out the immense cycle that was 2018, we will venture into the heart of a woman: her womb space. We will ignite the Creative Feminine, exploring the energetics of the sacral chakra to jumpstart authentic sexual desire, heal deeply stored pain and awaken each woman to her immense creative potential.

We will explore womb cosmology and each woman’s connection to Motherline, helping to restore reverence for past generations and heal past traumas; individually experienced, culturally held and carried in the womb for generations. This healing will create a new pathway so that each individual woman and the generations that follow can live wholly and expansively from their innate feminine essence.

Pleasure will be explored, both as a way into womb space and as a facet of life necessary to the expression of the feminine. Beauty, sensual movement, stillness and rage, will all be given space, so that each woman can learn to hold and authentically express the fullness of who she is.

The feminine body — the pussy and womb — will become a wellspring of immense power. Through new tools and perspectives, each woman will connect to the Creative Feminine, experiencing the magnitude of what it is to be a fully embodied woman.


The Creative Feminine with Lacey Haynes
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Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is designed for women. Trans women and non-binary people are also welcome if they identify more with the feminine. There will be a lot of talk about womb and pussy, both from a physiological and spiritual / energetic perspective. The retreat facilitator is open to making this experience inclusive so please be in touch with questions or to discuss how this retreat would work for you.

I’ve had a hysterectomy — can I still participate?

Yes! All women are whole regardless of whether they’ve experienced surgeries, traumas or procedures that have impacted the physical or spiritual expanse of their feminine bodies. We will explore many ways of connecting to womb space that aren’t all dependant on the physical presence of the uterus.

Is this retreat “hands on”?

You will be guided through fully clothed exercises and practices that bring you into connection with your body. There will also be partner work throughout the day and consensual non-sexual touch will be part of it.

Why use the word pussy?

There are many words used to define a woman’s genitals. The word pussy will be used throughout the retreat. It is a charged word, full of energy, sexuality and power and also one that makes many people uncomfortable. Together, we will explore the importance and power of language.

What should I bring? 

  • a notebook and pen

  • a sweater, scarf or blanket

  • a special piece to add to our altar (you will take this home again at the end of the day)

  • Lunch and any specifics snacks or drinks you might like to have

How can I contact the organiser of the event? 

If you have any questions, please email Lacey at

Lacey Haynes

About the course faciliator

Lacey Haynes is a visionary, teacher and creative with a background in performance, writing, yoga and conscious birth coaching. In 2017 she made international headlines after free-birthing her daughter, challenging contemporary technocratic protocols for pregnancy and birth.

Her work and personal practices are always exploring this edge of embodiment and personal responsibility. She strives for wholeness of expression in all aspects of life and teaches these principle to her students, encouraging them to bring the fullness of themselves forward and into the world.

Her creative confidence, way with words and ability to hold space is the captivating force behind her events and workshops. Students attest to feeling inspired, safe and challenged to explore their own boundaries in order to expand into the fuller truth of who they are.

Lacey is a student of the feminine, living a life dedicated to sexual and creative liberation. Much of what she teaches has been intuited through her own experiences with embodied practices, through sexual rituals, artistic expression and preparing for and having an elevated birthing experience.

From epic sex to conscious conception, healing addiction to sensual living, elevating pregnancy to ancestral healing, radical birth to full-blown creative living, Lacey’s work brings women into communion with the the Creative Feminine, birthing them into more elevated, wild and soulful lives.

Featured on:

The Guardian, BBC World News, BBC Radio 5, Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC, The Huffington Post, The Free Birth Society Podcast, DoYouYoga, Hello May, IMAGE Magazine.