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PUSSY POWER ▽ a one day forest-side retreat

  • East Grinstead United Kingdom (map)
PUSSY POWER ▽ a one day forest retreat

Do you have a positive relationship with your pussy and womb? For most, the answer is no. Even for those who have spent much time healing and elevating the body, this integral part has been forgotten. The pussy and womb, a sacred triangle of pleasure and creativity, has been left untapped and untended. Without a connection to this place, wholeness of self isn't possible.

In this one day forest-side retreat, we will get together IRL to explore our bodies, femininity, sexuality and creativity. Through movement, connecting with other women, sharing in dialogue and silence, we will work in community to find our own unique paths into WHOLENESS. No longer a liability, your pussy and womb will be a wellspring of immense power, pleasure and play. Through new tools and perspectives, you will connect to your feminine essence, experiencing the magnitude of what it is to be a fully embodied woman. 

By connecting to your body in this new way, you will heal layers of shame, guilt and trauma, some yours, some ancestral. You will begin or deepen the journey of deconstructing societal conditioning and inherited beliefs which have left your sexual and creative nature dimmed and disregarded. You will rewrite the story of what it means to be a woman. 

Coming into communion with your the pussy and womb will connect you to a new depth of power and confidence. This one day retreat will help you develop, deepen and elevate your relationship with the centre of your womanhood and femininity in order to live a more sensual, sexual, creative and satisfying life. 

PUSSY POWER ▽ a one day forest retreat

Location & Retreat Set Up

Located in a private residence in East Sussex, we will come together for a day of womanly explorations. You will be given the address details once you've signed up and instructions on how to access and arrive at our retreat destination. 

The day will be aligned to give you optimal time for rest, reflection and in-depth embodied explorations. You will have the chance to connect with likeminded women, to be outside in nature and to ask questions and share your experiences, ideas, challenges and triumphs.

Tea and light snacks will be provided. Please bring lunch so that you don't need to go out hunting for food during our break time.

PUSSY POWER ▽ a one day forest-side retreat


Who is this retreat for? 

PUSSY POWER is for women who want to jumstart their sexual and creative lives. In this instance, the word 'woman' referes to biological women who identify more with a feminine essence than a masculine essence. This retreat is about activating and connecing with the pussy and womb and so having a pussy and womb is integral. Women who have had hysterectomies can still fully participate and benefit from this course. If you have any questions about inclusivity, please be in touch. 

When is the retreat? 

Saturday November 24th 2018 from 11am-5pm

How much is the retreat?

The retreat costs £70. There are a limited number of early bird tickets available for £60. Eventbrite will charge you a small fee which gets added to your ticket price before you pay. The course is charged in pounds.

When will I get an email about the location? 

Once you've paid for your spot, you will receive an email confirmation from Eventbrite with all of the details regarding location and arrival.

What should I bring? 

  • a notebook and pen

  • a skirt, sweater and scarf or blanket

  • outdoor clothes for a forest walk 

  • a special piece to add to our altar (you will take this home again at the end of the day)

  • Lunch and any specifics snacks or drinks you might like to have

Why use the word pussy? 

There are many words used to define a woman’s genitals. The word pussy has been chosen for it's aliveness. It is a charged word, full of energy, sexuality and power. The word pussy will be used liberally throughout the course. Sex will also be spoken about and swear words will be dropped on occasion.

Do you offer refunds? 

Refunds will not be offered for this event. Space is limited so please be sure you are ready to commit before you reserve your spot.

How can I contact the organiser of the event? 

If you have any questions, please email Lacey at

Lacey Haynes

About the course faciliator

Lacey Haynes' work focuses on the revolutionary and often untapped power of The Creative Feminine. She believes in the potentiality of the womb and pussy to both harness new life and create epic art. As a long-time yoga teacher, spiritual guide and movement practitioner, her approach to sexual and creative liberation stems from her understanding of both the energetic and physical body. Through a variety of modalities and approaches, she helps women become more confident, powerful, playful and sensual while releasing societal conditioning, healing blockages and past trauma and releasing addictive tendencies.

Lacey infuses humour and happiness into her work, mindful of maintaining an approach that is both deep and light simultaneously. From conscious conception to healing addiction, elevating pregnancy to ancestral healing, radical birth to full-blown creative living, she bring women into communion with the The Creative Feminine within, birthing them into more elevated, wild and soulful lives.

Lacey has been featured on:

The Guardian, BBC World News, BBC Radio 5, Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC, The Huffington Post, The Free Birth Society Podcast, DoYouYoga, Hello May, IMAGE Magazine.