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Pussy Power & Radicalising Motherhood @ Into The Wild Gathering

  • Chiddinglye Farm Selsfield Road RH19 4QS United Kingdom (map)
Lacey Haynes Flow Festival WA

Pussy Power ▽ a workshop for women

Do you want to feel creatively and sexually liberated? Would you like to experience more pleasure and vibrancy in your life? Do you want to feel more powerful as a woman?

In this workshop, we will explore what it means to embrace your pussy as a guiding force in your life. You will develop, deepen and heal your relationship with the world between your legs in order to live a more sensual, sexual, creative and satisfying life. 

Through movement, meditation, womb visualisations and pussy activation practices, we will explore what it is to truly and deeply connect to your womanhood as your source of of femininity, pleasure and power. 

You will be expertly guided by host Lacey Haynes, who will mix humour with the sacred, light-heartedness with the transformative, to create an experience that bring you into deeper communion with your pussy.

Please note, this is a workshop for women (including trans women). If you have questions about inclusivity, you can contact the host directly.

Radicalising Motherhood

Radicalising Motherhood ▽ a workshop for women 

This workshop is a critical exploration for any woman who has ever experienced the contradictory feeling that motherhood is both trivial and important work. 

In this workshop, we will begin to heal the relationship to motherhood which is an integral task for any woman wanting to have children. In modern society, motherhood has been systematically devalued, leaving women conflicted over their relationship to the role and simultaneously themselves.

Together, we will radicalise motherhood by restoring the role to a place of reverence and respect, first within ourselves and then within the communities we inhabit. Our primary task will be to understand our relationship to this sacred role and to begin the process of both healing and elevating this connection.

Through self-inquiry, discussion, partner work and storytelling, we will journey into our feelings surrounding motherhood. We will endeavour to uncover a deeply ingrained respect and reverence for those who carry, birth and sustain life, transforming ourselves in the process.

This workshop is open to mothers, non-mothers, pregnant women and any man who feels compelled to explore the subject matter.

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Lacey Haynes
Workshop Facilitator 

Lacey Haynes

Haynes' work focuses on the revolutionary and often untapped power of The Creative Feminine. She believes in the potentiality of the womb and pussy to both harness new life and create epic art.

As a long-time yoga teacher, spiritual guide and movement practitioner, her approach to sexual and creative liberation stems from her understanding of both the energetic and physical body. Through a variety of modalities and approaches, she helps women become more confident, powerful, playful and sensual while releasing societal conditioning, healing blockages and past trauma and releasing addictive tendencies.

Lacey infuses humour and happiness into her work, mindful of maintaining an approach that is both deep and light simultaneously. From conscious conception to healing addiction, elevating pregnancy to ancestral healing, radical birth to full-blown creative living, she bring women into communion with the The Creative Feminine within, birthing them into more elevated, wild and soulful lives.

Lacey has been featured on:

The Guardian, BBC World News, BBC Radio 5, Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC, The Huffington Post, The Free Birth Society Podcast, DoYouYoga, Hello May, IMAGE Magazine.